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Eden's Juice News

New! Our Eden's juice Nutirtional Fact Sheets
Welcome to Eden's Juice

A Blend of Nature in Every Drink!
Experience nutritious and delicious drinks in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Our smoothies and juices are natural and healthy:

• Full of Antioxidants
• Stuffed with Vitamins
• Crammed to the top with Minerals and Nutrients
• No Preservatives
• No Added Sugar
• No Artificial Coloring
• No Artificial Flavoring

Simple whole fruits and juices to deliver the nutrition you need in a snack or meal. Make the healthy choice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; as a bonus, you'll have more focus, energy, and vigor.

Why Choose a Smoothie?
You're choosing your health. Our smoothies make getting your 5-9 daily servings of fruits and veggies an oasis of pleasure and a cup of Eden. While most Americans struggle through their days without meeting their health needs, we at EdensJuice spend ours making sure you glide through life with the nutrition you need to be at your best!

Fruits are literally dripping with all that's good for you, and add any of our 10 supplements to get even more of what you need to be a fitter, stronger, healthier you.
And much much more!

The Joys of Raw Juice
Raw Juice is delicious in its elegancy. We all know the goodness fruits and vegetables have to offer, and in Raw Juices you get a tremendous amount of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and enzymes without the weight of dense foods in your stomach.

Your body absorbs liquids much more rapidly than solids, so while it is still very important to consume whole foods as well to get the much needed fiber, you get the benefit of your sustenance as you drink it, giving you a boost of energy and focus, rather than being bogged down by unhealthy foods.

Even More of Nature's Splendor
We at EdensJuice are happy to be able to serve you any smoothie as you
like it, and offer you even more natural and healthy drinks to meet your dietary needs.
Matcha Green Tea Shots
Probiotic Teas
Wheat Grass Shots

Frozen Yogurt too!
A smarter and healthier alternative to Ice Cream! If you're looking for something sweeter, we have Frozen Yogurt to offer you.

Have a Seat and Enjoy
Bring your computer, plug in, and enjoy free WIFI for as long as you like.
We have HDTV for you to relax in front of.

Come join us for a friendly smile and get A Blend of Nature in Every Drink!